Shopping for Glasses Meets 3D

I'm nearsighted and have been since childhood. For my friends and co-workers who are also visually impaired you understand the frustration of shopping for glasses. I've never been able to shop for myself - trying on glasses means taking mine off (hello blurriness) which makes it nearly impossible to judge how they look myself. 

Enter a new app (new to me, though it's been out for a while) for iOS / Android from (you can search for it in the app store or visit their site)... As a digital artist and someone interested in 3D technology I'm really impressed with what they've done. The app builds a 3D model of your face and allows you to try on glasses, seeing them on your face. The quality is amazing, the interface is fluid - it's the perfect implementation of new technology to solve an old problem of finding glasses. Good stuff - no more blurry glasses shopping for me...