Plan your next photo shoot or drone trip with Google Earth

A common challenge in photography is being in the right location, having the right equipment and best lighting to capture it. Using Google Earth and these presets you can plan for what you'll be able to photograph ahead of time and show up knowing what lens to use and where to capture the best shot.

Have you run into the x32 error when importing a SketchUp file into 3ds Max? Read on to see where this comes from and how to successfully make those files import into 3ds Max.

Wireless tethering is critical to our Architectural photography workflow. However on a recent photoshoot I needed to use a backup 6D instead of the usual 5D and was surprised when CamRanger refused to tether with it. From what I've experienced with CamRanger and knockoff (TPLink router hack) they're bulletproof and work with any Canon or Nikon camera. Not on this day of course... The solution turned out to be super simple but I wasn't able to find it mentioned anywhere online - so I'm posting it here in the hopes that future google'rs will find the answer they need.

The fabled "Tarzan House" is a 1920s abandoned ranch style home that's perched high above the 15 freeway with an amazing view of the valley & lake below. I've seen it from the freeway many times and had an opportunity to photograph it shortly before it was demolished in June 2015. Even in it's dilapidated state it's obvious this was an incredible home in its day - it's unfortunate it fell into such disrepair.

My favorite cloud storage provider made a lot of people really happy. Paid "Pro" users are now getting 1TB for $9.99/mo instead of the previously paltry 100GB. I'm no longer watching my Dropbox usage meter hover around 99.5% full all the time...

Several years ago I was fed up with the PC. I was tired of the inconsistent UX, the constant security updates & my heavy brick of a laptop. So I switched to the Mac. A sleek, relatively lightweight, 2010 Macbook Pro. My personal needs were all taken care of with the iLife / iWork suite and I loved the consistency of how it all worked together. Recently I switched back to the PC for my laptop needs - here's my take on what it was like switching back.

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