The fabled "Tarzan House" is a 1920s abandoned ranch style home that's perched high above the 15 freeway with an amazing view of the valley & lake below. I've seen it from the freeway many times and had an opportunity to photograph it shortly before it was demolished in June 2015. Even in it's dilapidated state it's obvious this was an incredible home in its day - it's unfortunate it fell into such disrepair.

My favorite cloud storage provider made a lot of people really happy. Paid "Pro" users are now getting 1TB for $9.99/mo instead of the previously paltry 100GB. I'm no longer watching my Dropbox usage meter hover around 99.5% full all the time...

Several years ago I was fed up with the PC. I was tired of the inconsistent UX, the constant security updates & my heavy brick of a laptop. So I switched to the Mac. A sleek, relatively lightweight, 2010 Macbook Pro. My personal needs were all taken care of with the iLife / iWork suite and I loved the consistency of how it all worked together. Recently I switched back to the PC for my laptop needs - here's my take on what it was like switching back.

Ever had Photoshop stall when saving large files? I have. The first time was panic inducing and struck at the worst possible time. Fear not - there's a way to save your work without losing anything! 

I love cloud storage. Whether for personal or business use it's incredibly useful to be able to quickly sync files between computers, view images on a tablet or quickly send links to clients. With the falling prices of cloud storage from the big 4 cloud storage vendors (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box & Microsoft OneDrive) I thought I'd do a quick review of the services from the perspective of a professional digital artist. In a nutshell I want to see how fast I can upload/download, how easily I can send a link to the file/folder & what features are available that'd affect me. 

I'm nearsighted and have been since childhood. For my friends and co-workers who are also visually impaired you understand the frustration of shopping for glasses. I've never been able to shop for myself - trying on glasses means taking mine off (hello blurriness) which makes it nearly impossible to judge how they look myself. 

Enter a new app (new to me, though it's been out for 8 months) for iOS / Android from Glasses.com (you can search for it in the app store or visit their site)... I know this might sound spammy but as a digital artist, and someone interested in the innovative 3D technology I'm really impressed with what they've done. The app builds a 3D model of your face and allows you to try on glasses, seeing them on your face. The quality is amazing, the interface is fluid - it's the perfect implementation of new technology to solve an old problem of finding glasses. Good stuff - no more blurry glasses shopping for me...

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