San Diego 3ds Max Usergroup - 20th Anniversary

I've been going to the San Diego group for a long time - probably started around 1993. Alan and crew have inspired and taught me many things over the years and I'm looking forward to celebrating this milestone with everyone in SD!

On Thursday evening, September 1st, the San Diego 3DS Max User Group will celebrate its 20th anniversary. The meeting will take place at Kelar Pacific, 6020 Cornerstone Court W., Suite 105, located in San Diego's technology center, Sorrento Valley. The group was founded in 1991, shortly after the first release of Autodesk's popular 3D modeling and animation software title, 3D Studio. Monthly meetings have been held monthly ever since. The group has moved many times. Starting in Mission Valley, the group has had homes in Grossmont, El Cajon, UCSD, and a number of sites in Sorrento Valley. All through its history, the group has existed to bring people together that had an interest in 3D modeling and animation and how that is accomplished in 3D Studio and related hardware and software. The group has always promoted the concept that in the free exchange of information, the community is strengthened -- and in that strength, the individual would flourish. The group hopes that this will continue for many years to come.