Renderings Aren't "Push Button"

There's a misconception among some clients that renderings happen at the push of a button. In the gallery below you'll get an idea how much craft the artist puts into final images *after* the rendering is generated from software like 3ds Max. 

Why not create the rendering perfectly in 3D?

  • Time. The reality of production is you have a specific deadline/budget and need to create renderings within the alotted time. The only way you'll meet the deadline *and* the needs of the project is by knowing what you should solve in post (Photoshop / After Effects) vs what must be done in 3D. The images below *could* have been rendered more like finals within 3ds Max but in their case it made more sense to solve in Photoshop.
  • Look. Often "photoreal" as the renderer creates isn't "real" enough. Glass is a common culprit where a client will say they want something more "glassy" when in fact the glass is reacting exactly as it should physically. It's "real" but not capturing the idea the designer intended. We're story tellers after all - we use images to tell a story and sometimes that story needs help in Photoshop. 

Digital artists create great images not their software. Photographers create inspiring photos not their cameras. Writers create moving literary works not their pencils. Software is just a tool like any other tool. Artists, Designers & Artisans of all types - create.


Renderings Are Not Push Button
CSUMB Interior - Raw Render
CSUMB Interior - Final
Performance Hall - Raw Render
Performance Hall - Final
Courthouse Day - Raw Render
Courthouse Day - Final
Courthouse Dusk - Raw Render
Courthouse Dusk - Final