Art. Photography. Technology.


I've been pushing the creative & technical boundaries in 3D / digital media since 1997. I spent my first 7 years in the industry working for a production studio where I learned a bit of everything from graphic design to web development, TV & film work. Subsequently I've focused on the architecture industry, specifically as Creative Director for a large architectural firm.

I've always been a gear head at heart which is my Technical Artist side. I apply that to visualization through the creation of scripts to save valuable production time. I'm always looking for ways to create better work, faster & more accurately than before.

I've successfully created workflows around early mobile devices like the iPod (when that was a new thing) to iPad's with Panoramas, Augmented Reality & Realtime 3D. I've created a process & worked closely with the developers at UCSD / CalIT2 on their starCAVE 360 degree virtual environment. The bottom line is I deliver great solutions - whether that's renderings, fully interactive virtual environments or something in-between.

I enjoying sharing what I've learned with others in 1-on-1 sessions, teaching in a classroom setting or leading monthly user groups. I'm the creator & owner of ScriptSpot.com - the leading online resource for 3D artists using scripts to automate tedious tasks. I'm also a proud member of the American Society of Architectural Illustrators - ASAI.

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